Bull Streets

Introduction to Forex Market

    (Learn basic & advanced concepts for trading)
    a. Candle stick pattern
    b. Chart pattern
    c. How to Mark support & resistance i.e demand & supply zones.
    d. Break – retest
    e. What is Market manipulation?
    f. Indicates ( which is very useful for the forex market)
  • Trading tools
    a. Trading software
    b. broker
    c. Funded account
  • 4. Fundamental analysis
    ( Learn about fundamentals of the FX market & evaluate that for trading)
  • 5. Trade management
    a. Rules for trading
    b. Journaling your trading day
    c. Strategies for trading
    d. How to make a trading plan
  • Risk management
    a. What is the risk reward ratio? (how you can manage that)
    b. Trade management
    c. Create wealth by growing portfolio( how to manage?, How to compound?, How to handle other’s fund?.)
  • Mindset management
    a. development trading psychology
    b. How to control fear & greed?
    c. Development of stable mindset while doing trading ( accept the situation and act accordingly)
  • ADVANCE level of trading
    a. SMC concept (learn concept and theory with practical)

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